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My name is Wim Berden and I live in Bergen (Limburg), The Netherlands. Some years ago (october 2005) I started leathercrafting. When I spend a holiday in Germany I visited Pullman City where a guy (Yukon River Bay Trading Post) was making great stuff out of leather. Because of my western reenactment I was in need of a holster which he could make for me. He delivered a great holster and I was so impressed that I wanted to make that kind of things myself. So I started with leathercrafting.

This was not easy because there aren't many shops in the Netherlands that sell tools. So I've searched the internet and found lots of stores in the U.S. I've ordered a starter kit and began trying making simple things. In the mean time I found just one store in the Netherlands that can deliver every tool I need and of course the leather. Since my search on the internet I've joined the International Internet Leathercrafters Guild and the FLASAH Yahoo Group. I also subscribed to a great magazine: the 'Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal'.

On the left are some pictures of my workshop, some of my tools in my home made toolrack, my Tippmann Boss and my home made (www.bohome.nl) stitching horse.
About myself
The logo (real size: 1 inch wide) is used on virtually every product I make. This stamp was fabricated by Grey Ghost Graphics (Jeff Mosby).

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Tippmann Boss sewing machine
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