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My hobbies, interests and links

In my spare time I'm also busy with some other things, like:

Line dancing - To keep in shape and do some exercising and get a chance to dress up like a cowboy I'm into line dancing, of course 'strictly country'.

Arizona Rangers
Pullman City

Country Music - I am a great lover of country music. Use the site of CMT to listen to the newest hits and to get all there is to know about the artists, including photos, videos, tour dates etc.

Country Music Television

Guitar playing - Since some time I'm taking guitarlessons. I have purchased an acoustic and an electric jazz guitar. With some patience and lessons I'm getting the hang of it. My wife also takes lessons and she has a somewhat unique guitar.

Peter van Elswijk gitaarschool
Kees Toets muziek
Ibanez gitaren

Talking and braille books - Dedicon produces all kind of lecture in for visually handicapped people in braille, digital audio (Daisy), large letter print. KES and PDF files.

Anders Lezen

Computers - Professionally I'm a systems developer at Dedicon. In my spare time (besides leather crafting and guitar playing) I use my computer for video editing, recording and manipulating audio, develop software, building websites etc. The hobby computer club delivers everything in the computer area, software etc. etc.

Delphi land
Wysiwyg Webbuilder

Below are some interesting links to sites that are directly or in-directly related to leathercrafting:
   The site of the International Internet Leather Guild.
   The site of a carpenter. He made my stitching horse.
   The site of the Puget Sound Leather Artisan Co-Op.
   Site with some great examples of things that can be done with leather.
   A friend of mine that brought me to leathercrafting.
Australian leathercrafter
   Peter Main, one of the best leathercrafters in the world.
   The site of Grey Ghost Graphics which makes leatherstamps and guitars.
Tandy Leather Factory
   The site of one of the largest American leathercraft suppliers.
   Another site of an American leathercrafter supplier.
Stohlman Leather Museum & Gallery
   Al and Ann Stohlman, who are known for their amazing carvings world wide.
   Free Leather Artisans Sharing a Hobby Yahoo group.
WYSIWYG Webbuilder
Nylon waxed thread
Ibanez hollow body jazz guitar
Ibanez acoustic guitar
Western outfit
Pullman City